OFWGKTA Billboard Cover Story

One of the first features I did on this site was on OFWGKTA mainly focusing on Earl Sweatshirt. Two things have happened since I posted that, Odd Future has blown the fuck up but to my surprise Earl has gone missing and Tyler, the Creator has become the superstar. I was first introduced to Wolf Gang through the "Earl" video and was instantly hooked because I was listening to something unlike anything I've ever heard sans early Eminem. This was unfiltered insanity in the forms of suicide, rape, drug abuse, and of course murder. The thing is these are a bunch of teenagers and its pretty clear they don't really mean it, their just so creative and skilled that they can convince you otherwise on the mic. They are basically the answer to the era of bling and braggadocios raps. Odd Future doesn't care if you like them, in fact they will try as hard as they can to convince you not to. Tyler talks more shit than any rapper since 50 Cent and he can't even drink at a bar. Personally, I don't listen to Tyler very much I think Earl (who's currently missing aka in boot camp, boarding school, etc) is the best lyricist and rapper in the crew. However, the fact that Tyler and the collective have put out so much quality music and gained this much attention without any outside help is currently being dissected and reported on by every writer, industry insider, blogger and their mailman. The most notable projects from Odd Future so far (in my opinion) are the whole gang's Radical, Earl Sweatshirt's Earl, Mellohype's BlackenedWhite, Tyler's Bastard, and Domo Genisis (Wiz stole his album title) Rolling Papers.

The Odd Future Billboard Cover Story

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