Mac Lethal - North Korean BBQ (Mixtape)

From Mac himself:

"North Korean BBQ is for old souls. People 30+ (figuratively and literally.) 
The title, however, is a reminder for me and all of us, that no matter how hard life can seem. We are all very fortunate people to live where we live. In Kansas City, when we get lonely or depressed, we go gorge ourselves on delicious, molasses-based BBQ. In North Korea, they don't get lonely or depressed. They don't choose feelings or thoughts. North Koreans don't eat BBQ. They eat octopus skin and fried white corn. I was looking through audio clips from old North Korean documentaries to mix in with the music, but honestly, I felt like I was being lighthearted about their situation, which is greatly serious.  
I must remind you of something, though: THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL PIECE OF MUSIC. NO!  

This is NOT a political statement, but an examination on the self-entitlement we feel while bathing in our own excess and drama. I'm sorry your boyfriend broke up with you, but treasure the good times you did have. Bump this mixtape as a way to help push those negative, volatile emotions out, BUT...always remember that below the surface, life is truly a beautiful, pleasant work of art for some of us. Unfortunately it takes looking at other people's situations to realize that sometimes.  
Shouts to everyone oppressed by Kim Jong-il. I wish we could help. Holler fool."


Mac Lethal - North Korean BBQ (Mixtape)

Jay Electronica - “Dimethyltryptamine” (Video)

This one two punch of new posts today is ironic because both of them are in the exact same boat in my book. I think these two guys are both destined for hip hop greatness but neither of them has decided to release an album despite heavy amounts of hype and anticipation. Jay Electronica is the worst of them all, he will drop a song that becomes one of my favorite tracks ever and then vanishes into thin air for years at a time. Above is the visuals for a song recorded years ago and was filmed during Jay's stay in Nepal. As always these are some complex, amazingly scripted bars but once again leaves the fans wanting more.

J. Cole Drops a Gnarly Freestyle in Atlanta

Ever since I first heard Cole's music I've proclaimed him to be the future of this thing called hip hop. I still believe that to be the case the kid just needs to put out a damn album. He's already stealing the show on tracks with the likes of Wale, Drake, and even Hova himself all he needs is the hit single he's been praying for to take his appeal over the top. For his and all our sakes I just hope it happens soon cuz I know his album is gonna be epic.


Neako - LOUDpack: Tree (Mixtape)

Rapper/Producer Neako presents his latest offering which is the third installment of his LOUDpack series. From the title I think you can figure out the type of music this is going to be so I don't see any need to break it down. The tape boasts features from the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, NASA and Vado and as usual you can stream it here before making the commitment to download.
Neako - LOUDpack: Tree (Mixtape)

Meek Mill - Moment 4 Life (Video)

Philly and MMG representative Meek Mill releases the visuals to the "Moment 4 Life" freestyle he dropped a couple weeks ago.

Phil Ade - Something Outta Nothing

Continuing with the New Orleans theme we got goin today DMV rapper Phil Ade brings back the classic Juvenile "Ha" beat and does some serious damage. #PhilAdeFriday

Big Sean Fan Cooks then Goes to Work

Go white girl, its your birthday. This girl puts on a clinic while on stage during this Big Sean performance as she begins with a bit of cooking then attaches herself to Sean and in front of a packed crowd with all eyes on him Mr Finally Famous hung in there like a champ. If this took place in Jamaica it likely would have led to a daggering session. Well played sir.

Curren$y & The JETS Live in Texas (Video)

While we're covering the New Orleans rap scene, Curren$y's JET Life Tour recently landed in Dallas, TX and the good people at Matrimoney & Scoremore captured some really dope footage of the event (although nowhere near as dope as Winner's Circle New Orleans rep Leo sent us from the 420 show!). It looks like Spitta is having the time of his life and its good to see him putting on Trademark and Young Roddy who are both monsters in their own right. I just hope I get to hit one of the stops of this tour and until then as always...JETS fool.

Lil Moe - Trick'N (Video)

This video was sent to me by Lil Moe's manager Jason who like Moe hails from New Orleans, LA which is one of my favorite places in the world so I had a bit of a bias going in. This is apparently the first single off Lil Moe's upcoming album which will feature guest appearances from JETS own Fiend and Young Money's Lil Twist. This track contains a dangerously catchy hook and is definitely radio friendly which should give the young rapper the exposure he needs to blow up. Props to Royal Family Music.

Nardwuar vs. Lil Wayne (Video)

The legendary Nardwuar takes on Lil Tunechi after his recent show in Canada and the result is a great fuckin interview. For one, this is literally a New Orleans hip hop history lesson as Nardwuar presents tons of antiques for Wayne to touch on. You can say what you want about Weezy but people will be surprised by not only how good his memory is all things considered but also how incredibly well spoken he is especially while trying to keep up with Nardwuar's ridiculous antics.


Eminem & Royce Da 5'9'' - Fast Lane (prod. Supa Dups & Eminem)

Just days after the announcement that this long-time-coming project would see the light of day we get the first leak and its gnarly to say the least. Shady sounds rejuvenated and Royce knows he's gotta come with his best bars which results in one of the hottest songs ive heard in a minute.

Roc Marciano - Slugs Thru Ya Papaya f. Killah Priest

Despite not being a member, Roc Marciano definitely embodies the same gritty, slang laced street rap that made Wu-Tang so awesome. On this track off the new album, Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture: The Lost Files, Roc trades bars with fellow OG Killah Priest for a track that will take you back ten years.

Schoolboy Q - Options (prod. THC)

If you know me, then you know Schoolboy's, Setbacks, is one of my favorite mixtapes or albums out right now as I constantly jam to "To The Beat (F'd Up)" and "BETIGOTSOMEWEED". Him and his crew Top Dawg Ent are taking over not only the west coast but the rap game as a whole and I couldn't be happier about that.

CJ Hilton - So Fresh f. Nas

I have no idea what a CJ Hilton is besides that he's a singer and I cannot even speculate how much money he paid for this Nas verse. The song as a whole is pretty wack but Nas delivers as only the greatest rapper alive can.

Emilio Rojas - Breaking Point

Some new Emilio to start your day off his upcoming, so far untitled EP he plans on dropping in June.


Breaking Video Game News: Peyton Hillis Lands the Cover of Madden 2012

It leaked today that Brown's rising star Peyton Hillis beat out Michael Vick for the cover spot on Madden 2012. As a PA native and an Eagles fan this is actually great news because all it means is that Hillis will probably tear his ACL in the first game or something. The Madden Curse is for reals.

AZ - Games (Unreleased Version)

There's really nothing that needs to be said about AZ besides that he is one of the most underrated rappers ever and can rhyme with the best of them. Now download this its for ya own good.

Freeway in the Studio (Video)

Freeway lets loose a teaser for his upcoming mixtape, Diamond In The Ruff, which shows Free listening to a banger in the studio and then doing a kind of video shoot as well. Either way, I'm definitely sold on this project his last few have been great.

Jon Connor - I C U Lookin'

For an up and coming rapper trying to become a household name, it takes serious cajones to take on a certified classic instrumental. And believe me I wouldn't post someone going over a classic instrumental unless it did the beat and former artist justice. Flint, MI's Jon Connor decided to grab the "Made You Look" instrumental off the web and give it a go. Connor literally kills this track with bars that I think would make Nas proud and should certainly gain some peoples attention. I know I'm waiting eagerly for his upcoming project Vinnie Chase Season 2.

Consequence - Everybody Told Me (prod. Kanye West)

I can't believe Kanye didn't keep this beat for himself this is one of the freshest samples I've heard in a minute. G.o.o.d thing (get it) Consequence knows what to do when he's handed a gem of a beat and the result is pure dopeness.


Epic Meal Time Alert: Fast Food Lasagna

The animals of Epic Meal Time are back and boy did they kill it with this one. The thing about these videos is that no matter how absurd and diaboloical their creation is, it usually looks awesome and this lasagna looks incredible. The one thing I found surprising was the drive-through people's reactions to the orders. In the history of McDonald's has nobody ever ordered a shitload of Big Macs? They sound like someone ordering 15 burgers is the most shocking of occurrences when I know me and a couple friends could easily take down 15 especially if we're on some really good weed. I honestly don't know why these bros don't have a tv show yet because they're brilliant.

In Case You Forgot Cops Are Douchebags

While we don't know exactly what happened to provoke this male cop vs. female IHOP patron throw-down, we can only assume she made some sort of bacon joke. Really though, technology has done a great job exposing 99% of cops across the country for what they are, incompetent douchebags who use their badge to take advantage of people and beat up girls in an IHOP instead of working to protect these very citizens. If this guy still has a job I would be shocked as he delivers a haymaker not seen in a male/female bout since Snookie got KO'd on the Jersey Shore.

SMKA - The 808 Experiment v.3 (Mixtape)

After a couple dope leaks the full project has finally arrived thanks to the good people at SMKA and the 43 artists that contributed. This edition marks the third year SMKA has done a project like this and the buzz surrounding it has grown substantially each year. This mixtape is great because it has features from the names you know but will also put you onto a lot of up and comers that you need to know about. Also if your in Atlanta this weekend make sure you head to The Loft on Saturday for the official release party which will feature live performances from many of the artists pictured above.

SMKA - The 808 Experiment v.3 (Mixtape)

Outasight - Figure 8 (EP)

Outasight finally drops his highly anticipated EP and it doesn't disappoint. I know this sounds ridiculous but if you like basically any kind of music you will probably enjoy Outasight. He raps, sings, plays his own instruments, and he rocks. While this is a free project its also on iTunes so if your really feeling it make sure to go support the artist so he can continue giving us dope music!

Outasight - Figure 8 (EP)

Self Scientific - Trials of the Blackhearted (Mixtape)

DJ Khalil has been in high demand lately but lucky for us made time to finish this EP with rapper Chace Infinite. The tape also boasts quite the lineup of features including The Game, Big K.R.I.T, Talib Kweli & Gangsta Gibbs. From Self Scientific: 
"In Ancient Kemet they believed the heart was the organ that controlled thought, logic and knowledge. The weighing of the heart, against a feather, was used to determine if people were righteous or wicked during their time on earth. If their heart was heavier than the feather, the Heart was devoured. With the world rapidly changing, and evolving beyond recognition, people are becoming even more desensitized to the conditions we exist in. The most heinous acts are applauded as “interesting” and “entertaining” while genuine acts of love, and justice are shunned. We can sensationalize but we are scared of true emotion, we have more information now than ever before but no one wants to read. The truth is scary, it is easier to escape through our favorite vice, than to deal with the harsh reality of the present. Our hearts are heavy, our hearts are dark, these are the Trials Of The Blackhearted."
Self Scientific - Trials of the Blackhearted (Mixtape)

Michael Irvin Gives the Miami Football Team a Motivational Speech

Never one to be outdone, Michael Irvin must have seen the video that leaked last week of Ray Lewis delivering a glorious speech to the Elon football team and decided he needed to get in on that action. Irvin starts off pretty calm but out of nowhere starts to yell and growl in a manner that the Unforgiveable guy could only dream of. The motivational speech ends at 3:05 after that is a bunch of useless interviews which should probably be edited out.


Neako - Flossin' f. Juicy J

Neako is that dude. Despite a lack of a widespread, mainstream following he has earned the respect of of his peers and has even collabed with many of them. Neako also produces most of his stuff and already has quite the discography of mixtapes under his belt. He definitely has what is takes to blow up I just wonder a.) why it hasn't happened yet b.) if it hasn't yet, when will it? Unless this jam featuring none other than Juicy J is a fluke then Neako's upcoming project, LOUDpack: Tree (oh yea did I mention he loves weed), could put the kid on the map in a big way.

Hollyweerd - Buss It f. Yelawolf

Yela and Atlien collective Hollyweerd link up for this absurd banger to get you through the rest of this Monday.

Nas & Damian Marley - Nah Mean (Video)

The Distant Relatives finally take a break from smoking and treat us to the visuals of my favorite track off the album and I would say one of the best songs of 2010.

Ludacris - Furiously Dangerous f. Slaughterhouse

Luda links up with the Slaughterhouse machine for what looks to be a single from the upcoming, Fast Five Soundtrack to accompany the new film.

Kidz In The Hall - Sip and Ride

Producer/Rapper combo and Ivy League grads Kidz In The Hall never seem to disappoint when they let a track loose from the vault. This one is the sixth installment of their Brain Candy viral series.

Termanology - Another Level f. Sean Price & Ghetto

Termanology and Jesus Price Superstar are two of my favorites when it comes to concocting gritty, street tales via crazy wordplay and punchlines. This track is no exception off Term's upcoming, Cameo King II, which drops digitally May 24th.

Casting Call Alert: Nellz & Fargo "Yes Sir" Music Video Shoot

If you live in or around the Charleston, SC area and think you have what it takes to be in a music video, head to the Charleston Naval Shipyard at 2120 Noisette Blvd, North Charleston, SC 29405 tomorrow night April 26th for a casting call. The actual video will be shot by our good friends at Starsity Media this coming Saturday and Sunday April 30th and May 1st. For more info and to hear the song head to www.nellzandfargo.com.


Tech N9ne - I Love Music f. Kendrick Lamar & Oobergeek

Tech N9ne is the highest selling independent artist in the history of hip hop. He is so successful because he is fuckin sick and is one of the more technically sound rappers ever. He rides beats with the best of them, and can switch his flow up to destroy any sounding instrumental. He also puts on one of the best live performances of anybody in hip hop, hitting every syllable you hear on his records with ease and precision. Tech's upcoming, 6's And 7's, is easily my most anticipated album this summer and leaks like this one only get me more excited.

Warren G - This Is Dedicated To You (Nate Dogg Tribute)

RIP Nate Dogg.

Good Reads 4.24.11

The 25 Worst Movies Starring Rappers


Chris Young The Rapper - Value Pack 2: Cream & Sugar (Mixtape)

Chris Young The Rapper has made his name touring with Shwayze and making similarly styled chilled out, feel-good tracks. I have two of his old mixtapes which are pretty good and "Been On A Mission" is a certified jam. However, I had no idea he had a new tape coming out until I randomly checked This Song Is Sick today and immediately gave it a listen. Chris Young on this tape appears ready to step into the spotlight and take his career to the next level because this shit is nice. According to Young, “While the cream is just pure classic hip-hop, leaving right off the 1991 time machine and leading us to the sugar, the sugar is electronica, the sugar is dubstep with samples of ‘The Little Mermaid". There is something for everyone on this tape as Chris shows his versatility creating a different vibe with each track. Stream, download, and as Clinton Sparks says get familiar because this won't be the last we hear from The Rapper.

Chris Young The Rapper - Value Pack 2: Cream & Sugar (Mixtape)

StartYourOwnRebellion - Let It Go f. J. Cole

Normally I would say something along the lines of I don't know what a StartYourOwnRebellion is because its true. But this is a song I can already tell will be in heavy rotation and they (its a band of some sort) have definitely earned my stamp of approval. Laced with a catchy, soulful hook, a smooth backdrop, and deep, introspective rhymes this is an amazing song and something most aspiring rappers should strive for. Cole's new single drops in two weeks so stay tuned.

Asher Roth & Nottz - Enfore The Law (Video)

This is hilarious. Ash and Nottz Raw decide to take this music video to the next level by intertwining it with a Training Day spoof that does not disappoint. The acting by everyone involved is so bad its funny except for Nottz, who actually is pretty convincing. The scenes are spliced perfectly in between verses making this one of the more memorable visuals I've seen in some time.


Sneaker Alerts: Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey" & Nike Lebron 8 V2 Low Wolf Grey/Metallic

Two basketball sneakers take on the Wolf Grey colorway and the result is equally dope for both of them. I have been anticipating the Jordan 5's for months now but after seeing these Lebron's I'm not sure which pair my money will go towards (no way in hell I can afford both). Either way the Air Jordan brand is sure to dominate the summer market with the release of the "Wolf Greys", the Jordan 3 "True Blues", and the Jordan 7 Cardinal Red/Black. The Lebron's are dropping sometime this summer and the "Wolf Greys" drop May 14th for a cool $150. Both pairs spotted at NiceKicks.

Ray Lewis Delivers an Epic Motivational Speech to the Elon Football Team

"It aint cuz I got nothin special,
the only I thing I got special is I made my mind up to be special."

Ray Lewis channels the gods of motivation and delivers Al Pacino's historic Any Given Sunday speech in real life. While he is mostly talking about himself and God, this is a really impressive on-the-spot sermon from Ray Ray and like Tosh we gotta give a shout out to whoever recorded and shared this with the rest of us.

Big Hud - Summertime Ish Remix f. CyHi Da Prynce & Curren$y

Not quite sure what a Big Hud is, but he's apparently good enough or has enough gwap to enlist CyHi and Curren$y for this summertime jam. CyHi and Spitta go in.

Breaking News : Kid CuDi Quits Smoking Weed

So Kid CuDi apparently quit smoking weed and for some reason felt the need to explain himself to a group of what sounds like middle school-college white kids. I know weed-rap is at an all time high (get it) right now but I don't care whether he smokes or not all that really matters is the quality of the music.

Consequence - Last Supper (prod Lee Bannon)

Consequence has already released two cinematicly themed mixtapes, and this track appears to be the first leak off of the upcoming third installment in the series.


Domo Genesis - Cashmere

Say what you want about OFWGKTA, but I fuck with them unapologetically because of the sheer awesomeness of their music. Lately Frank Ocean's Nostalgia, Ultra. and MellowHype's BlackenedWhite have been in constant rotation but when I'm tryin to get lifted Domo's Rolling Papers is the way to go (I meant to post it yesterday but you know...). Here's a smooth new cut from the kid that kinda looks like Gudda Gudda once again proving beyond all the hype and bullshit they actually make really dope music. Time to stop the hating and hop on bandwagon before you get left behind.

'Out There Guy' Takes On 420 at Boulder, CO

I've seen a few videos today of the biggest 420 celebration in the country which goes down each year in Boulder, CO and of all the videos this one definitely takes the cake. The Anderson Cooper of weed hits the scene and does a great job capturing some of the best moments of the celebration. As expected, you will see priceless interviews ("biggest puff-fest in the country!" best quote), jam sessions, weed-fairies, and an entire ounce rolled into a joint. I like many would have loved to have been there to partake in the experience but at least through this video we get to be there in spirit.

Curren$y's HomeComing 420 Concert in New Orleans (Photos & Videos)

Last night if you happened to be anywhere within a five mile radius of the Howlin Wolf in New Orleans, then you probably caught a contact. What could possibly generate such a vast weed fog you say? Well theres only one answer I can think of, a Curren$y concert...on 420...in his hometown New Orleans. Curren$y has been carrying the banner for New Orleans and weedsmokers alike since his days in No Limit in 2002. Now, after releasing countless amounts of mixtapes, several acclaimed albums, and constant touring over the years, the Hot Spitta has finally found the promised land. He can now sell out venues across the country and has the blogosphere in the palm of his hand because despite his success, he still has his everyday bro vibe about him (take notes Wiz). He hasn't sold out and doesn't plan to anytime soon, despite what he says people may assume after hearing he signed to Universal Records. Last night, on the holiest of high holidays, Curren$y came home to perform for his hometown fans and to smoke a little bit of weed as well. Big shout out to Leo for hooking me up with his all access footage of the event which includes a couple close up shots and videos taken on stage of Spitta doing what he does best, all of which you can check out after the jump.

Mikkey Halsted - Exorcist (Video)

I fuck with Mikkey Halsted for the same reason I fuck with Kendrick Lamar. Rather then make up stories of gangbanging and killing like other rappers have been known to do, these two admit that they did not participate in the criminal activites like many kids from the hood in LA or Chicago. Instead, they witnessed and observed it from a short distance, and wrote about it as a way of getting through it all. In their raps they are more of a 3rd person, narrator of the conditions and problems that exist in their respective cities, which they both do really really well. I have high hopes for both of these guys in the future and if you have a couple bucks to spend, I suggest you go cop Mikkey's latest album, The Darkroom.

Fabolous - The Soul Tape (Mixtape)

Once again I've found myself quite overwhelmed by all the new shit thats been dropping the past couple days. Just when I thought this avalanche of music was over, Loso lets loose his latest opus, The Soul Tape, for our listening pleasure. For those who may be dealing with hard-drive overload you can stream the whole tape right here before making the commitment to download it.
Fabolous - The Soul Tape (Mixtape)

STS - Demand More: G.O.L.D. Edition (Mixtape)

This tape dropped yesterday and went so under the radar that I was definitely too high to find it. STS, who is now a member of Black Thought's Money Making Jam Boys crew, is hands down one of the most talented rappers nobody knows about yet. I drunkenly met him last summer at a J. Cole show in Philly he was opening for and after successfully making a fool out of myself managed to get across the point that I was indeed a big fan of his music. We have stayed in somewhat touch since then and I've been trying to find the right show in Charleston to bring him down for. Until then, download this tape (its free dammit), get familiar and I know your gonna like what you hear. I, and many fans like me, hope this is just the beginning of a major coming out party for Sugar Tongue Slim in 2011.

STS - Demand More: G.O.L.D. Edition (Mixtape)

Stalley - Lincoln Way Nights Remix f. Rick Ross

I guess nowadays this is the new press release/announcement. Its been rumored for about a week that up and comer Stalley had signed to Officer Ricky's ever expanding (like himself) label Maybach Music Group. In my book Stalley immediately becomes the best lyricist in the group and may be the one with the most potential based off the success of his latest offering, Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music). I just hope the Bawse has absolutely no creative control over Stalley because rapping wise the two are in completely different lanes. This is a major look for Stalley who had previously seen most of his praise and recognitions on blogs like this one and now he will have much more exposure so I guess congrats are in order.

Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise (Video)

Here's another ridiculous video featuring the likes of Danny McBride, Will Ferrel, Seth Rogan, Jack Black, and more.

9th Wonder - The Wonder Year (Preview) (Video)

9th Wonder, whose main claim to fame is his work as a member of North Carolina hip hop trio Little Brother, is one of my favorite producers because like Big Krit he has a knack for finding seemingly the most obscure samples and flips them to perfection. LRG decided to follow the normally elusive 9th for an entire year and condensed it into a film which is set to drop soon. And no this is not Mos Def lol.


Lil Wayne - John f. Rick Ross (Video)

Really well-done video for the first single off Lil Tunechi's new album, Carter IV, which is set to drop June 14th. The Bawse is moderately tolerable on this track and the impeccable beat should have speakers going hammer all summer.

Winner's Circle 420 Essential Mixtape: Smoke DZA - Substance Abuse 1.5 The Headstash

Smoke DZA, as you can probably tell by his name or the name of this mixtape, loves mary jane. His affinity for the herb is present in his music but he is not just a weed rapper. He doesn't let the bud (no matter how loud) hold him down or keep him in a box artistically. I'd say he's a hybrid of Curren$y and Wiz because while the weedtalk is there, he can also rap about the shit we all do everyday but make it sounds flyer or at least more interesting than he we do it. George Kush has released two acclaimed projects since this tape but this is still my favorite offering from him. So download it, locate your headstash, and rock with Smoke DZA today.

Smoke DZA - Substance Abuse 1.5 The Headstash (Mixtape)

Winner's Circle 420 Essentials Vol. 2

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About 420.

Most Dope Presents : Piff Jar (Mixtape)

Mac Miller's loyal army of Most Dope soldiers have played a particularly large role in his success compared to other celebrities entourages. The most notable of his gang is TreeJ, who runs the youtube page TreejTV , which is the official source for all things Mac Miller. TreeJ serves as Mac's hypeman on stage and is also a self-proclaimed weedhead. Therefore, its only fitting that he make his debut in the mixtape game on 420. This tape features appearances from the likes of Mac Miller, Young Scolla, Juicy J, and Killa Kyleon and is sure to be the soundtrack for a sesh or two. Props to Nico.

Most Dope Presents : Piff Jar (Mixtape)

Winner's Circle 420 Essentials Vol. 1

Mac Miller - Keep Floating f. Wiz Khalifa

Atmosphere - Which Way Is Up f. Aesop Rock

Slug and Ant's new album, The Family Sign, in stores now.

Snoop Dogg - Superman f. Willie Nelson (Video)

Two of the most legendary smokers on Earth decide to drop this video today of all days. Happy 420 people.

Curren$y - Covert Coup (EP)

Curren$y has officially made 4/20 his own by announcing that it would be the release date of his newest project produced entirely by The Alchemist and presented by one of favorite clothing brands right now Diamond Supply Co . You know what to do...
Curren$y - Covert Coup (EP)


Termanology - Uncut (Video)

Termanology has been one of the rappers I've most listened to in recent years because of his slick delivery and wordplay, punchline antics. Apparently his version of Taylor Gang is called the Bomb Threat (sounds kinda middle school if you ask me) Squad and they're here to stay (or at least until the building gets evacuated). This jam is off Term's mixtape, Bomb Threat Volume 2, and the video is directed by Jon Wolf.

Prodigy - The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson Story (EP)

After serving a 3 year bid Prodigy is back and keeping the momentum going after dropping the street single, "Dog Shit" with this FreEP presented by private investigators Complex. I gotta say The Alchemist only producing 2 tracks is a little disappointing but P comes with it nonetheless.

Prodigy - The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson Story (EP)

Chamillionaire - Major Pain 1.5 (Mixtape)

Chamillionaire aka Mr Ridin Dirty is one of the most underrated rappers not only out of Texas but the South as a whole. His Mixtape Messiah series is a landmark in the history of the mixtape game and he has always held on own to say the least when trading bars with some of the biggest names in hip hop. With features from Winner's Circle favorites Nipsey Hussle and Young Krizzle this mixtape won't disappoint.

Chamillionaire - Major Pain 1.5 (Mixtape)

Wiz and Jeezy in the Studio

Here's some high quality footage of Young Khalifa and Jeezy chopping it up in the dojo prior to shooting their "Homicide" remix video. Wiz tells the story of how he was first put onto Jeezy's music back in the day by a girl from the hood lol. I thought they were smoking cigars at first but upon further review they appear to just be enormous joints...I should have known.


Pusha T - My God (Video)

Second track off Pusha's, Fear of God to get the visual treatment. Sorry for the lack of new content today but unlike the major blogs I only post stuff I deem worthy and there just hasn't been much fire to drop so far.


Raekwon - Ferry Boat Killaz (Video)

New Raekwon visuals featuring cameos from The Alchemist and the recently-freed Prodigy. The Chef's latest offering, Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, out now.

Wiz Khalifa - Cookout f. Chevy Woods

The Taylor Gang general recruits his highest ranking weed carrier Chevy Woods for this cut.

Bizarre - Down This Road f. Yelawolf (Video)

This is one of my favorite Yelawolf features he dominates this track so much that I've skipped to the next song before Bizarre even says a word. Yela slows his flow down to drop many a punchline filled with that southern slang.


XV - Zero Heroes (Mixtape)

The pride and joy of Kansas and one of the cooler people ever XV drops his latest opus with this sick cover artwork. With features and production from J. Cole, Just Blaze, Pusha T, Kendrick Lamar, CyHi, and Vado this tape is definitely a must listen.