Ski Beatz Making A Beat (Video)

Being that producers generally fascinate me, I've always been a sucker for behind the scenes footage of beat-makers at work. Lately we've been treated to videos of araabMUZIK and The Alchemist doing what they do best and now we get a look at Ski Beatz in the process of creating what sounds like a gem of a beat. He flips the sample then shows his skills on the MPC before dabbling on the guitar thinking of how to incorporate a riff into the beat. Good stuff.

Jon Connor - FLI69

Every song Flint, MI's Jon Connor releases proves more and more that this dude is a beast and will be a force to be reckoned with for a long time in this game. This is said to be the final leak off Connor's upcoming album Salvation which is out July 12th.

Ski Beatz - Lookin' For Me f. L.E.P. Bogus Boys & Terri Walker (Official Video)

If I know one thing about the Low End Professionals its that when they release a video, its going to be of the highest quality. Their video for
"Going In For The Kill" filmed by Creative Control is basically a short film documenting a bank heist the duo is involved in. This one doesn't disappoint either as Count and Moonie's spit killer verses while we see what seems to be a Chinese delivery/cash payoff in progress. Ski Beatz' 24 Hour Karate School Pt.2 coming soon.

dead prez - Dead Man's Shoes

M1 and stic.man spit some revolutionary yet gangster raps over a reggae-style backdrop...no complaints here.

AZ - Murda On The Daily f. Cormega

Possibly the two most underrated rappers to ever come out of New York reunite on a track that sounds like it could have been recorded a decade ago. Both rappers bring their signature flows and kill this one I just hope there's more where this came from.

T.I. - We Don't Get Down Like Ya'll f. B.o.B

Some dude named T.I. and his one time predecessor Bobby Ray link up to let us know that however we may get down is not how they get down. For some reason I really want to hear Shady on this beat though.


Its The Real: The Check-In (Live From BET Awards)

ItsTheReal is a hip hop sketch comedy team mainly consisting of brothers Jeff and Eric Rosenthal, who may be the two most knowledgeable of all the Jewish hip hop heads out there. Their skits are incredible and hilarious which has helped them gain the street cred they have probably longed for their whole life. I had no idea until I saw this video but apparently the brothers were invited to the BET Awards rep carpet to fuck with anyone and everyone in sight. This is a must-watch for the Rick Ross encounter alone.

Ghostface Killah, Sean Price & Trife Diesel - Laced Cheeba

Tony Starks and Jesus Price Superstar on the same track...yes please! I look forward to seeing both of these OG's at Rock The Bells in September and in the meantime will be bumping Only Built 4 Cuban Linx & Random Axe LP religiously.

Rockie Fresh - Sour

Chi-town's Rockie Fresh is slowly but surely building his brand and has become somewhat of a regular on the blogs which any up and coming artist these days would kill for. This track is instantly one of my favorites from Rockie as he spits bars for days over a killer beat that I highly recommend for the trunk. Otherside Redux out July 27th.

Curren$y - Still f. Trademark Da Skydiver & Young Roddy (Official Video)

Spitta hits us with another smoke-session, I mean music video off his major label debut Weekend At Burnie's which you should go cop right now. Jets fool...

Jay-Z - Criminology Freestyle (Unreleased)

Well would you look at this. I guess two new Pac tracks wasn't enough as we now have another jewel fresh from the archives. In honor of the 15th anniversary of the album that made it all happen, Reasonable Doubt, Philly Radio institution Colby Colb released this extremely rare, mostly unheard vintage Jay-Z interview and freestyle from 1995.

   What can I say, this is a historic moment in Hip Hop. At the time I knew of Jay-z from Original Flavor and he had a cameo on this Big Daddy Kane song that was out that summer.
        This was before Rocafella, this was best friends Jay and Dame driving down to Philly in twin Lexus GS Coupes with records in the trunk. This was one of Jay-z first interviews outside of New York. You could see the potential in him, he was nervous yet confident. During this interview he talks about life before Reasonable Doubt which didn’t come out until 10 months later. Check out the freestyle over some Wu beats. -Colb

Boldy James - Truck Driving School f. Big Wiz (Official Video)

Yet another dope set of visuals from Boldy's latest mixtape (which actually contains traces of crack-cocaine) Trapper's Alley - Pros & Cons. If your familiar with Boldy's style of music (think midwest Clipse) then the song title will make perfect sense.

Tupac Shakur - Watch Yo Mouth + NY '87 (Unreleased)

Even from the grave Tupac is still holding down the West Coast as two previously unheard diss tracks were released from the vault last night. As always, Pac goes in with no regard for human life which not only makes us miss Pac but also a different era in rap when it was much more intense and competitive. "Watch Yo Mouth" targets include Nas, Dr. Dre, Wendy Williams, De La Soul, Puff and Biggie. "NY '87" targets include Mobb Deep, Biggie, Nas and everyone else in New York.

Download: Tupac Shakur - Watch Yo Mouth

ForteBowie - Decatur f. Aleon Craft

ForteBowie teams up with fellow friend of the Winner's Circle Aleon Craft for a jam that could give 'I'm On One" a run for its money as the official soundtrack to summer '11. This song is beyond smooth with a feel good vibe that instantly transports you via the Mothership Decatur to the beach of your choice. This track should definitely generate a lot more hype and anticipation as we approach the release of Forte's newest offering Something About #Bowie, which you can find here July 8th.


Kendrick Lamar - Section.80 [Cover x Tracklist]

  1. F**k Your Ethnicity [prod. THC]
  2. Hol’ Up [prod. Sounwave]
  3. A.D.H.D. [prod. Sounwave]
  4. No Makeup (Her Vice) (ft. Colin Munroe) [prod. Sounwave]
  5. Tammy’s Song (Her Evils) [prod. THC]
  6. Chapter Six [prod. Tommy Black]
  7. Ronald Reagan Era (His Evils) [prod. Tae Beast]
  8. Poe Man’s Dream (His Vice) (ft. GLC) [prod. Willie B]
  9. The Spiteful Chant (ft. Schoolboy Q) [prod. Sounwave & Dave Free]
  10. Chapter Ten [prod. THC]
  11. Keisha’s Song (Her Pain) (ft. Astro Bot) [prod. Tae Beast]
  12. Rigamortis [prod. Willie B]
  13. Kush & Corinithians (His Pain) (ft. BJ The Chicago Kid) [prd. Wyldfire]
  14. Members Only [prod. Tommy Black]
  15. Ab-Soul’s Outro [prod. Terrace Martin]
  16. HiiiPoWeR [prod. J.Cole]
The album drops Saturday on iTunes. Please support independent hip-hop.

Epic Meal Time Alert: Fast Food Meatloaf (Video)

The lords of Epic Meal Time are back and in this edition the gang does their epic take on the classic dish that is Meatloaf. This is another great installment as the concoction is pretty ridiculous but my favorite part by far is the hamburgler incident at the beginning. These guys are hilarious and are proving that they're here to stay by innovating with every episode and I could easily see this eventually becoming a 30 minute show on Comedy Central.

Trouble - "Bussin" Remix ft. Yo Gotti, Waka Flocka, & Trae Tha Truth

Trouble calls on Yo Gotti (Memphis), Waka Flocka (ATL), and Trae Tha Truth (Houston) for the remix to “Bussin”, one of the standouts from his December 17th mixtape…

QuEST - RhiiimePoWeR

I honestly can't think of a better rapper to go over Kendrick Lamar's heater than QuEST as they are both super-lyrical and can switch up flows at will. QuEST kills it and hopefully this gets back to Kendrick because these two need to collab asap.

Drake - Marvin's Room (Official Video)

The hardest dude in hip hop just let loose the visuals to one of his newest songs where he's singing most of the time.

araabMUZIK Documentary + MPC Performance (Video)

        In December of 2010 Burn Energy Drink (A Coca-Cola Brand) put out a call for treatment submissions for a series of web films they were commissioning. Having recently worked with the young producer/MPC (Music Production Center) savant Araabmuzik, Director Alec Sutherland was inspired to create an installation that could be a real time, visual articulation of Araab’s actions on the MPC. The treatment for this idea was submitted and selected by Burn.
       With a modest amount of money, Alec and his crew set forth to build a light setup that would converse instantly with Araab’s MPC. After a week of troubleshooting an array of computer software, DMX controllers, Midi converters, dimmer pads, electrical latency, power conversions, finally a pad on the MPC was pushed simultaneously lighting a single LED strip. 16 LED lights were custom wired and fabricated.
      The shoot lasted two-days: the first spent documenting Araab in everyday situations accompanied by audio excerpts from a candid interview. The second was spent at Broadway Stages in Greenpoint Brooklyn, building the light setup and finally, recording Araab’s performance.
What you see of the performance is about three and half minutes of excerpts, taken from a nine minute set. Each set was shot on 4 cameras to enable a live, real time edit of Araab’s performance. The 16 lights are triggered exclusively by Araab’s actions on the MPC, the result being a precise visual translation of the music he’s creating.

Platini - Emergency (Official Video)

One of the best parts of my job is getting submissions from artists across the country that like me are trying to find their place in this crazy world we call the rap game. Platini, of Broward County, FL, is one such rapper that truly has me excited for the future. This is throwback music with raps that are gritty, in-your-face and complex matched with a beard Freeway would be proud of. I was already kinda thinking it but the growl at the end of the track was when it really hit me that once Platini gains some experience and continues to master his craft he could be the DMX of the new generation. Check out his mixtape Hungry, follow him on twitter and be on the lookout for more from the Florida native right here in the Winner's Circle.


Dom Kennedy - From The Westside With Love II (Cover x Tracklist)

1. Dom’s Prayer (prod. K Roosevelt)
3. When I Come Around (prod. Unknown)
4. Come Over (prod. The Futuristiks)
5. She Ain’t In Love (prod. The Futuristiks)
6. Money Don’t Stop (prod. Chromatix)
7. O.P.M. (prod. Drewbyrd & Polyester)
8. Platinum Chanel (prod. Nick Cage)
9. I Love Dom (prod. Cardo)
10. The Ways (prod. THC)
11. Mr Champagne Intermission f. Polyester (prod. Swiff D)
12. Ice Cream Truck (prod. K Roosevelt)
13. New Jeeps f. Asher Roth & Mikey Rocks (prod. Chuck Inglish)
14. 2MPH f. Big K.R.I.T (prod. The Futuristiks)
15. Beats, Hoes & Rhymes f. Casey Veggies & ScHoolboy Q (prod. Champagne Click)
16. Dream To Me (prod. Scoop Deville)
17. Graduate (prod. HellagooD)

Available on iTunes for $6.99, support independent hip-hop.

Freddie Gibbs - Keep It Warm For Ya f. Smoke DZA & Chace Infinite (prod. Statik Selektah) (Official Video)

Continuing with today's forecast of videos on videos Gangsta Gibbs, George Kush & Chace Infinite's jam gets the in-studio visual treatment and its beyond dope. As expected there is plenty of head-nodding, dap-hugs and weed to go around as all three rappers come through the studio to chill, smoke and record their verses. This song should be enough to convince you to go buy Freddie and Statik's Lord Giveth, Lord Taketh Away.

BluRoc Festival Recap Featuring Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T., Smoke DZA, Stalley, Trademark Da Skydiver & More (Video)

This one hour documentary captures performances, interviews and classic moments from the historic BluRoc Festival which was supposed to be a small concert but ended up turning into something special. Tons of artists shared the stage together along with bands backing them up which took their music to new levels and the footage is of the highest quality making you feel like you were apart of this unique event that will probably never happen again. Featured artists include Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T., Stalley, Ski Beatz, Smoke DZA, Trademark Da Skydiver, Tabi Bonney, Snakes Say Hisss!, The London Souls, Nesby Phips, Mckenzie Eddy, Sean O’Connell and Rugz D. Bewler.

Action Bronson - Brunch (Official Video)

If you've never heard of Action Bronson then you might be inclined to think the dude rapping and the dude in this video are two different people...but you'd be wrong. Yes, the second coming of Ghostface Killah is a chubby ginger from Queens with a fetish for food and apparently the occasional murder. This song is from Bronsolini's debut album, Dr. Lecter, which is out now and has been possibly the most praised hip hop coming out party since College Dropout. Purists and Golden Age enthusiasts can't stop talking about this guy and for good reason as he sounds like he froze himself like Austin Powers from '95 till 2010. I highly recommend you go get Dr. Lecter and mark your calendar for Action's Statik Selektah produced album, Well Done, which is set to drop July 5th.

DJ Khaled - I'm On One f. Drake, Rick Ross, & Lil Wayne (Official Video)

Fresh off their performance at the horrific BET Awards last night Khaled decided this was the time to premiere the official video for the soundtrack of summer '11. I'm pretty sure that dime with Lil Wayne is his new girlfriend too.

C-Rayz Walz - All Blvck Everything: The Prelude (Mixtape)

"The Sun Cycle MC, C-Rayz Walz returns with his first "EVER" free full length project, as he connect with the UK's Dub MD to bring you "All Blvck Everything: The Prelude" a 16 track concept album, an amuse-gruel for the main course"All Blvck Everything: The Album." The Prelude is a funeral, that represents the death of C-Rayz Walz old ways (Business & Personal) that have proven unproductive in the past. It also symbolizes the death of the competitions careers...Enjoy the Wake!"

Download: C-Rayz Walz - All Blvck Everything: The Prelude


Jay-Z - The Jigga Effect (Mixtape)

DJ E-V and DJ Corey Grand teamed up to produce “The Jigga Effect” featuring some of the most rare and unreleased Jay-Z material to ever see the light of day. The tape compiles everything from classic Hot 97 freestyles to unreleased album material. The 2 Ohio DJs decided to release "The Jigga Effect" on June 25th, to coincide with the 15 year anniversary of Jay-Z's debut album “Reasonable Doubt”.

Download: Jay-Z - The Jigga Effect (Mixtape)


The Weeknd - Trust Issues (Remix)

Canada's R&B sensation The Weeknd decided to remix Drake's newest cut and does an admirable job. Although I like Frank Ocean more this guy has generated an insane amount of hype this year and has certainly set the bar high for his newest offering Thursday which is supposed to come out by the end of the summer.

Jay Rock - Hood Gone Love It f. Kendrick Lamar (Official Video)

I guess the TDE camp realized it was time to capitalize on the very well-received first single off Jay Rock's debut album by releasing the video just a few days later. Between TDE and Strange Music Jay appears to have the support and artistic control needed to regain his position at the forefront of the new West. Follow Me Home in stores July 26th.

Previously: Jay Rock - Hood Gone Love It f. Kendrick Lamar

Big Sean - So Much More (Official Video + Detroit Homecoming)

I think it's safe to say at this point that Big Sean is finally famous. I don't think Sean is some socialite trying to attain fame for attention purposes but rather as a means of justifying his decision to chase his dream of becoming a successful rapper. Whether you like it or not he's achieved his goal and used this video to reminisce on the moments that got him where he is today and to pay homage to his hometown of Detroit. 

SkyBlew - Above The Stars Is My Landing (Mixtape)

North Carolina's SkyBlew is making waves with his newest project Above The Stars Is My Landing which he dropped a couple weeks ago. Stream the tape here and if your feeling it make sure to download it and follow him on twitter.

Download: SkyBlew - Above The Stars Is My Landing (Mixtape)


Young Roddy - Blow (Official Video)

"Jet Life, Jets Go Jets Go,
Showin off you right, we gonn' blow,
its all debris round all this gun smoke,
man this weed get me too high to be gettin it for the low"

Kendrick Lamar - "Hol' Up"

As we approach the release of the highly-anticipated new "Section80" project from Kendrick Lamar, he decided to give the fans a new leak from it, simply titled "Hol' Up". "Section80" will be available on Winner's Circle/iTunes July 2nd. In the mean time, enjoy this...

Kendrick Lamar - Hol' Up #Section80 by TopDawgENT

College of Charleston's Andrew Goudelock Gets Drafted By The Lakers!

Shaq, Kareem, Jerry West, Magic, Kobe and now Goudelock. The man of the hour and my homie Drew Goudelock got drafted yesterday by the mother fucking LA Lakers. In their analysis, CBS Sports gave the pick an A-rating saying, "When Kobe Bryant is on the court, somebody often is going to find himself unguarded as teams flock to stop the superstar. One of the best pure shooters in the college game last season, this guy seems a perfect fit." This is probably the greatest thing to ever happen to someone I know personally and it couldn't happen to a nicer, more deserving dude. Despite his prodigious talent and lethal jump shot, Drew is one of the most humble and cool people I know and we at The Winner's Circle wish him nothing but the best. Check out footage of Drew winning the 2011 NCAA 3 Point Content after the jump.

Machine Gun Kelly - I Know f. Ray Jr. (Official Video)

In the homie MGK's newest music video he not only shows off his versatility on the mic but takes you through the area in Cleveland that he calls home. In a city that recently suffered the most brutal backstabbing in sports history a white rapper named Machine Gun Kelly has found himself on the forefront, proudly putting on for Cleveland in a big way on a national scale. His Lace Up movement may be second to only the Taylor Gang in terms of a new school rapper's cult following and you can credit that to his loyalty and appreciation for his ever-growing fanbase.

Download: Machine Gun Kelly - I Know f. Ray Jr.

Little Brother - I Got Work For Ya (prod. Hi-Tek) (Unreleased)

Everyone say thanks Hi-Tek for bringing this previously unreleased track out of the vault for our listening pleasure. Little Brother is not to be slept on they carried the banner for the Carolina's for a long time and put out several classic albums before splitting up to pursue solo endeavors.

SMKA & DJBooth Present: The Report (East Coast & Midwest Ed. '11) (FreEP)

"'The Report' is our 4th project released in 2011, and features a handful of really talented MCs.  It's always fun working with up-and-coming, talented artists from different regions because you get an array of different influences, which can make a project truely unique.  We hope to release a new "Report" with DJbooth every 3-6 months, highlighting different regions, sounds, states, cities or organizations."  - SMKA

01. YP - Step Back [prod. SMKA]
02. Voli - The Righteous Remain [prod. SMKA]
03. Jon Connor - Money Comes Fast [prod. SMKA]
04. K. Sparks - Wondering [prod. SMKA]
05. Jabee - FYI [prod. SMKA]
06. Maffew Ragazino - Takin’ It All [prod. SMKA]
07. ESSO - I Get Around [prod. SMKA]

Rick Ross - 9 Piece f. Lil Wayne (Official Video)

I can't believe Rick Ross gets away with this level of debauchery.

Yonas - Get Em

One of my favorite up and coming rappers out of New York was chosen to close out DJBooth's long-running freestyle series with #250. Props to all the other 249 other rappers who made this epic series possible.

Download: Yonas - Get Em

Smoke DZA - Loaded Remix f. Schoolboy Q

I guess it was only a matter of time before Top Dawg Ent's resident smoker Schoolboy Q lent a verse to the Smoke DZA, Lex Luger produced banger and he absolutely obliterates it. Setbacks is one of my favorite projects of the year and I think its safe to say the TDE/Black Hippy takeover has begun.


Curren$y - She Don't Want A Man (Official Video)

Weekend At Burnie's. June 28th. Jets fool...

STS - Only One

We at The Winner's Circle are huge supporters of STS and recently I've had his and Joel's "The People Remix" in constant rotation. Apparently he was inspired by both the a song and artwork off The Black Keys' album Brothers and decided to filter that inspiration into a freestyle in anticipation of his upcoming, highly anticipated debut album The Illustrious which will be out sometime in July.

Download: STS - Only One

Jackie Chain - Role Model

Alabama's Jackie Chain does his best Charles Barkley impression with this cut dedicated to explaining why in fact he's not a role model. As expected, the beat goes and Jackie spits some of the most ignorant and absurd bars hip hop's ever seen. You Don't Know Jack? coming soon.

The Game - Pot Of Gold f. Chris Brown

Here's the second single off The Game's upcoming album Detox, I mean The R.E.D. Album. Jayceon sounds both rejuvenated and mature on this one but if you like it you should probably download it now cuz who knows when the album will ever come out.

ForteBowie - 3 Stax Back

While putting the finishing touches on his new project up and comer ForteBowie let loose a dope tribute to Andre 3000 over a beat that samples the Outkast classic jam, "SpottieOttieDopaliscious". Something About #Bowie drops July 8th.


West Coa$t Wednesdays with Phillmatic

Whaddup homies! New week, new edition so without further delay; lets get right to it. First up is Dom Kennedy's first single off the "From The Westside With Love II" project, "Grind'n" produced by frequent Wiz Khalifa collaborator Cardo.

Next up is the 3rd single off former U-N-I member Thurz's debut solo album "LA Riots", simply titled "Prayer".

Thurz explains this track from his upcoming project as "Prayer builds the connection with God and one’s inner-conscience. My purpose with prayer is for God to guide me into wisdom in order to learn from past experiences to not make the same mistakes. A leader must be a wise teacher, and only God can guide me into that role to lead the Riot in music and art."

THURZ - Prayer by #92CREW
I spoke with Thurz a few days ago and he confirmed the album is complete, just being mixed & mastered. Look for it right here/iTunes in the upcoming weeks just in time for the summer.

Wrapping up this week's post is a "behind-the-scenes" look at Jay Rock's new video for "Hood Gone Love It" featuring fellow TDE/Black Hippy member, Kendrick Lamar. The track was produced by frequent Rick Ross collaborators, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League & will be featured on Jay Rock's upcoming debut solo album, "Follow Me Home" hitting stores/iTunes July 26th.

Common - Summer Madness (prod. No I.D.)

Ladies and gentlemen, summer 2011 has now officially begun. Common lets a new song loose that sounds like a cut from Be, making me even more excited for Rock The Bells in Sept. This, however, will not appear on Common's upcoming album instead its the first leak from a new supergroup called Cocaine 80's which consists of Common, No I.D., Steve Wyreman, Rob Kinelski, Kevin Randolph, James Fauntleroy, Makeba and many more. This song is too smooth...

Vakill - Armor Of God (prod. Jake One) (Official Video)

Here's the visuals for the title track off Vakill's upcoming album and its gonna be serious if its anything like this song. Jake One comes through as always with the perfect backdrop for Vakill's in-your-face rhymes. Armor Of God in stores July 5th.

Nato Caliph - Prophecy (Official Video)

Sir Tef Poe just sent this video over which is the latest in the list of visuals from the Knowledge Cipher (LP). This track from Nato Caliph will also serve as the lead track on the upcoming Power (EP). The inspiration for the song is the recent extension of the Patriot Act which will now continue depriving Americans of their basic rights for at least another few years.


J. Cole Announces Album Title & Release Date!

The announcement J. Cole fans like myself have been waiting for has finally been made. Cole's debut album will be titled Cole World: The Sideline Story and will be in stores September 27th. Jermaine has given us so much great music for free over the years so do him and good music a favor by copping the album.

Jay Rock - Hood Gone Love It f. Kendrick Lamar

There was a time when if you asked me who held the future of West Coast rap in their hands I would have said Jay Rock and Nipsey Hussle. They both had the streets on smash, a major label deal & the highly coveted XXL Freshmen cover spot. However, as time passed due to different circumstances that were all too similar both rappers split from their label and set on to regain their popularity from the ground up, grassroots style. While I believe Nipsey is still with Cinematic, Jay Rock made serious moves as he aligned with fellow leaders of the new West Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Schoolboy Q to form Top Dawg Ent. AND he inked a deal with the champ of independent music Tech N9ne's Strange Music. This new song featuring K.Dot is off Jay Rock's much delayed debut album Follow Me Home which will finally see the light of day July 26th.

Download: Jay Rock - Hood Gone Love It f. Kendrick Lamar

Smoke DZA - Loaded Remix f. Domo Genesis (prod. Lex Luger)

George Kush recruits Odd Future's resident weed-head Domo Genesis for the remix of his Lex Luger produced banger "Loaded". Based on Domo's eyes (or lack thereof) these guys must have a lot in common although Smoke looks to be the sensie here at least next to Domo's high ass.

Download: Smoke DZA - Loaded Remix f. Domo Genesis (prod. Lex Luger)

Sneaker Alert: Nike Air Foamposite Pro 'Retro' Release Date & Complex's 25 Best Sneakers of 2011 (So Far)

July 1st will be something of a holiday for sneaker heads nationwide as one of the most hyped and coveted pair of kicks this year is finally set to drop. The Air Foamposite Pro 'Retro' (aka 'Electric Blue') will be available at most Nike retailers July 1st for a cool $200 and I doubt you will find them on any shelves after the 1st. These sneakers give off the perfect summer vibe with an electric blue design complemented with black accents and the uber-fresh clear sole. If you have some heart condition where you can't deal with stress or have the cash you can save yourself the hassle and get them now on ebay.

Bonus: Complex's 25 Best Sneakers of 2011 (So Far)

SayItAintTone - My Closet f. Big Sean (Official Video)

When we first heard ‘My Closet’ on Big Sean’s Finally Famous 3: BIG mixtape and then again on SayItAintTone’s SayItAint project, it instantly became one of our favorite tracks of the summer. After running into Tone and Sean at Bamboozle a couple weeks back, it was unanimous that a visual component needed to happen as soon as possible. We linked up with them outside of Detroit at Revive and a few other locations for an excellent display of swag in which these two are unmatched. Take a look inside the Finally Famous collection, from Stanley Cups to mink coats. Finally Famous drops June 28th! - ILLROOTS

Absurd Trailer Alert: 'Skyliner Paris' (Video)

Skyliner Paris is a new documentary about French urban highliners aka the fearless lunatics who afix ropes across anything from canyons to skyscrapers before proceeding to cross said ropes. The trailer is both amazing and unreal since the thought of me doing anything like this is asbsolutely proposterous. The documentary follows four French highliners who decided to take on "the highest twin towers in Paris, France" and is musically enhaced by fellow Frenchmen Daft Punk. The shots of people on the ground looking up at them really puts into perspective how much higher these guys are than Wiz Khalifa.  

Drake - Trust Issues

Drake let this one loose on his website late last night and like most of his music will be both shit on and praised depending on who you talk to. He's singing for most of this song and its no question some of the softest music a "rappers" ever made but regardless it seems this dude can do no wrong. I just hope songs like this end up on his rumored R&B mixtape and not Take Care.

Download: Drake - Trust Issues

Styles P - Jungle f. Royce Da 5'9 (prod. DJ Absolut)

Detroit and Yonkers collide resulting in a must have track for fans of Royce or The Ghost. According to Absolut a remix should surface in the near future.

Download: Styles P - Jungle f. Royce Da 5'9 (prod. DJ Absolut)


Mac Miller - Family First f. Talib Kweli (prod. Like of Pac Div)

In honor of reaching a whopping 500,000 twitter followers Mr Best Day Ever let loose a new song with a feature from esteemed veteran Talib Kweli. Looks like Talib is taking the Juicy J route of embracing the new school of rappers in order to stay relevant which no one can be mad at. Mac's flow sounds a little more focused & mature here which is good cause sometimes he sounds too lackadaisical.

Download: Mac Miller - Family First f. Talib Kweli (prod. Like of Pac Div)

Two Mid-Year Music Reports Worth Checking Out

The good people at both Complex and TheWellVersed have compiled their best of 2011 so far lists so check em out and see where your personal favorites rank. Its been a great year of music thus far and amidst the never-ending avalanche of new music its good to take a minute to look back and appreciate what some artists have already accomplished.

Complex's The 25 Best Albums of 2011 (So Far)

TheWellVersed: [The Tens] The Ten Best Albums Of The First Half Of 2011

Pill - Send One Down f. Trae Tha Truth

Two of the grittiest, real-life rappers in the game link up for this introspective joint most likely off one of their upcoming projects. Trae's having a big day he already dropped the "Gettin Paid" video with Wiz and looks to continue building momentum till his album Street King drops July 15th.

Download: Pill - Send One Down f. Trae Tha Truth

A$ton Matthews - May 31st f. Schoolboy Q

I'm not sure who A$ton Matthews is but he's pretty good and sounds like a west coast Playboy Tre. I admittingly listened to this song because of the Schoolboy Q feature and he kills it as he's accustomed to. This cut is off Matthews, Living In Forever, dropping in September.

Download: A$ton Matthews - May 31st f. Schoolboy Q

Trae Tha Truth - Gettin Paid f. Wiz Khalifa (Official Video)

Months later we finally get the visuals for Trae's hit single off his upcoming album, Street King, which drops July 15th. Trae repeating the word hey over this beat is gold as this has been on repeat in the car since the audio came out and this video is every bit as ignorant as the song itself. Wiz even got Trae smoking joints now?? 

Styles P - Where The Angels Sleep (Official Video)

When large, transformer-like aliens invade Earth who will stand up and protect us mere humans? Apparently Styles P The Ghost of the Lox and D-Block fame will be the one to take on the challenge. I guess we'll have to wait for the sequel to this video to find out whether ghost or alien wins.

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Curren$y - 3 Wishes

Here's an extremely dope new track from Spitta to hold you over till Weekend At Burnie's drops on June 28th. This is one of the best songs I've heard from him in awhile and although it won't be on the album I hope this is the kind of shit we can be expecting. Jets fool...

Download: Curren$y - 3 Wishes